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Sea kayak


Kayaking in Greenland is an unforgettable experience. As you silently drift among the icebergs on a deep fjord with glassy, smooth waters, you feel like you become one – not only with the kayak, but with the landscape, the country and its history.

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Angling & Hunting


Narsarsuaq is an excellent base for a fishing holiday. All you need is a plane ticket and your fishing gear! There are also excellent opportunities for trophy hunting in South Greenland

Narsarsuaq area



We feel that South Greenland is the absolute best area of Greenland to go hiking. This is where you will find the greatest variety of landscapes anywhere on the island. In a single day, you can hike through lush valleys, follow rushing streams, walk along ridges overlooking fjords filled with icebergs and climb windswept mountains.