Sailing with Blue Ice

Boat Transfers

The best way to travel around South Greenland is definitely by boat. There are no roads or railways connecting the towns in Greenland, so sailing and flying are the only means of transport. But travelling by boat is so much more than just a way to get from A to B. It is a great opportunity to experience the amazing landscape that surrounds you. Compared to even less densely populated parts of the island farther north, the distances in South Greenland are relatively short, so you can travel quickly and easily between towns and villages.

For travellers who only need boat tickets between towns in South Greenland, please refer to Disko Line’s website, where it is possible to book tickets for the regular service online.

If you need to get to other destinations in South Greenland, such as settlements and sheep farms, or at times that do not fit with the Disko Line’s scheduled plan, please feel free to contact us. Blue Ice sails almost daily between Narsarsuaq, Qassiarsuk, Itilleq (Igaliku) and Sillisit during the summer, and often to the towns of Narsaq and Qaqortoq.
We set the exact departure times 1-2 weeks before departure based on our bookings.

Send us your request by email. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Charter of boats from Blue Ice

Blue Ice uses fast and comfortable Targa boats (6 or 12 passengers), approved by the Danish Maritime Authority, to sail with passengers in Greenland year round. See detailed descriptions of the boats below.
When you charter a boat with Blue Ice, you pay a fixed hourly rate depending on the boat’s size. Additionally you pay for eventual waiting time (the first hour is free).
We can be booked all year round. Send us an email with your inquiry.

Nilak ship

Rates and map

Rates for the 2022/23 season

Boat transfer (one way)EUR/DKK per person
Narsarsuaq – Qassiarsuk28 / 200
Narsarsuaq – Blue Ice Camp*69 / 500
Narsarsuaq – Itilleq (Igaliku)59 / 425
Narsarsuaq – Sillisit59 / 425
Narsarsuaq – Ipiutaq83 / 600
Narsarsuaq – Narsaq87 / 630
Narsarsuaq – Qaqortoq121 / 875
Narsaq – Itilleq (Igaliku)69 / 500
Narsaq – Qaqortoq69 / 500
Qaqortoq – Itilleq (Igaliku)90 / 650
* Min 2 persons

Infant 0-1 year: free. Children 2-11 years: 50% discount.
Transfer by car harbour-airport (and vice versa) in Narsarsuaq is included in the price.


The boats



Means: “blue ice”
Type: Targa 37
Built: 2008
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Capacity: 12 passengers



Means: “iceberg”
Type: Targa 37
Built: 2009
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Capacity: 12 passengers



Means: “ice”/”glacier”
Type: Targa 37
Built: 2017
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Capacity: 12 passengers



Means: “ice floe”
Type: Targa 37
Built: 2019
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Capacity: 12 passengers



Means: “growler” (tiny iceberg)
Type: Targa 25.1
Built: 2014
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Capacity: 6 passengers



Means: “ice”
Type: Targa 25.1
Built: 2016
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Capacity: 6 passengers

Cover image


Type: Targa 37
Built: 2004
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Capacity: 12 passengers