If you go on a hiking trip in Greenland, your camping equipment should be of good quality. Tunnel and dome tents are the most stable in high winds, and you will need a 3-season sleeping bag and a thick, insulating mattress on camping trips. If you are only sleeping indoors at hostels, you do not need to bring a mattress and a summer sleeping bag is fine.

You can camp for free anywhere in Greenland outside settlements and away from cultivated fields and sheep farms. The fields are often surrounded by a fence. You can rent a tent, sleeping bag, mattress and Trangia (camping stove) at the Blue Ice Café in Narsarsuaq.

You will find basic cooking facilities at all the hostels/farm accommodations. If you bring you own stove, remember that you are not allowed to take any kind of fuel or gas on the plane. We sell a wide range of fuels and gas cartridges at the Blue Ice Café. In the grocery stores you can purchase soups, rice and pasta and other staples, and we sell a selection of freeze-dried food at the Blue Ice Café. Drinking water needs no special treatment and you can drink directly from every running stream or river.

If you are planning a longer trip into remote areas, you should consider bringing along a satellite phone. Mobile phones only work in towns and settlements, and as soon as you leave these populated areas, the mobile signal disappears. You can rent a satellite phone from the Blue Ice Café, but you should book it in advance, as we only have a limited number of phones. We also rent out emergency flares, which you should have with you if you are going on an extended hiking or kayaking trip.

Rentals. Price in DKK
Tents (per day/4-6 days/1 week): 150/400/500
Sleeping bags (per day/4-6 days/1 week): 100/150/200
Mattresses (per day/1 week): 20/100
Trangia stoves: (per day/4-6 days/1 week): 50/150/200
Trekking poles: (per day/1 week/2 weeks): 50/150/200
Satellite phones (per day/1 week/2 weeks): 200/1.100/1.600 + Additional DKK 15/minute
Fishing rods (per day): 100
Mountain bikes (per day): 300

Hiking Tips!

If you are going camping for several weeks and need a lot of camping gas, please send an email well in advance and book your gas cartridges!
Did you know that we have free luggage storage at the Blue Ice Café? Leave your extra clothes and stuff with us while you are out hiking!

Blue Ice Café

The Blue Ice Café is more than just a café. It is our office and the official tourist information office in Narsarsuaq. You are welcome to drop in, take a look around and have a chat with us. We will do our best to answer all your questions.

For rent at the Blue Ice Café

Tents. Dome tents. Brand: Trangoworld, North Face and Wolfcamper
Sleeping bags with inner sheets. 2-3 seasons.
Mattresses (self-inflating)
Trangia stoves (easy-to-use stoves that runs on denatured alcohol)
Trekking poles
Satellite phones (Iridium 9555)
Fishing rods
Mountain bikes (for tours in Narsarsuaq or take it with you to Qassiarsuk and explore the gravel roads between the farms)
A variety of glacier equipment (ice axes, crampons, harnesses and helmets). Contact us for details.

For sale at the Blue Ice Café

For your stove:
Methylated spirits. 500 ml (denatured alcohol in US English, husholdningssprit in Danish)
Coleman fuel. 500 ml (white gas in US English, rensebenzin in Danish)
Gas cartridges (butane/propane) with a screw-on fitting (e.g., Colman, Primus)
Gas cartridges (butane/propane) with an easy-click valve fitting (e.g., CV270, CV470)
Freeze-dried food
Chocolate and energy bars
Mosquito nets and mosquito repellent
Spinners, lures and plugs (for your fishing rod)
Hiking maps

The Blue Ice Café is situated a short walking distance from the airport and Hotel Narsarsuaq. The café is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., from June 1st. to September 15th.