Blue Ice Explorer

Easy hiking 8 days, Upgrade

This trip includes all of the hiking highlights of the Narsarsuaq area. Furthermore, you get to experience first-hand the daily life of the Greenlanders who live in isolated farms and settlements in South Greenland. Within one week, you visit and stay at sheep farms and in two different villages. These are ideal starting points for a wide range of hiking trips, with stunning views of glaciers, green mountainsides and ice-filled fjords.

Sleeping bag accommodation at farm and hostel in 2-bed and 4-bed rooms. Bring your own sleeping bag. Rental of sleeping bag with sheet for one week: EUR 28 / DKK 200. The tour includes 2 nights at Igaliku country hotel with bed linens, towels and breakfast.

No meals included at farms and hostels. Breakfast included at Igaliku country hotel.
Cooking facilities available at all places (except Igaliku). You can go shopping in Narsarsuaq, Qassiarsuk and Igaliku. There is a restaurant in Igaliku and Narsarsuaq. Dinner at Sillisit sheep farm should be ordered in advance.

The hikes between the hostels/farms are easy and follow gravel roads. The longest is about 15 km. Your luggage is transported by car or boat.


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