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Fishing 6 days

In South Greenland you will find excellent arctic char fishing. The numerous rivers around Narsarsuaq (Tunulliarfik Fjord) are a paradise for anglers. Some of the rivers are clear and perfect for fly fishing. Others flow directly from glaciers and are clouded with fine silt. In both cases, however, you will find an abundance of fish!
The season for fishing in the rivers is from mid-July to the end of September.

Accommodation at hotel with private or shared facilities.

Breakfast included.
Dinner and lunch packets can be ordered at the hotels.
If you want to prepare your own dinner of freshly caught fish, this can be arranged at the hostel.

All fishing spots require a minimum amount of walking. The maximal walk is about 1 hour. There is no fishing guide accompanying you. Itinerary review upon arrival.


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