Blue Ice Explorer

South Greenland 4 days – Easy Going

South Greenland is famous for its Norse history and blue icebergs, and you can easily reach both from the airport in Narsarsuaq. Explore the historic site of Brattahlid, the place where the intrepid and notorious Viking Eric the Red settled, and discover why he named it Greenland! Visit the charming village of Igaliku on a day trip through a luxuriant and idyllic part of Greenland. On the last day, we take you on an unforgettable boat ride into the Qooroq Ice Fjord, where 200,000 tons of ice calves from the glacier front every day.

Accommodation at hotel with private or shared facilities.

Breakfast included.
Dinner and lunch packets can be ordered at the hotels.

No special requirements on this trip.


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